Pirate Dreams 2008: The Beast Awakens

Hey All!

With the weather finally breaking and the sun starting to wake up for us up north it's time for the band to get going, the machine to crank up once again and the margaritas to flow. This is always the most interesting email to send, we find out who's moved, whose email boxes are full and just exactly how well your spam filter is working.

If you wish to be removed from this list, please reply with the word "remove" in the subject line. If you don't want to be removed and want to make sure your receive these fine telegraphs, please add jimmypirate@piratedreams.com to your email list...

The Next Show:

We're gearing up to hit the road next weekend to make the trek up to Bethel, Maine for the 5th year in a row to play for our friends in the Parrot Head Club of Maine at The Sunday River Ski Resort. This year we've minimized the work and maximized the party time with two shows on Saturday. We start the day on the main outdoor stage at 10am and play till noon. Then we get the evening party started in The White Cap Lodge at 8pm. Visit sundayriver.com for more information. This is always a top notch Parrot Head event every year so join us. Hit the picture page at piratedreams.com for pictures from years past.

Memento Still Going Strong:

Our debut disc "Memento" is still going strong at piratedreams.com and other sites such as CDBaby.com, Napster, Rhapsody, iTunes and now Amazon.com. New Folks are discovering our brand of Trop Rock all the time and apparently they're telling their friends. Thank you for buying, enjoying and spreading the word about Pirate Dreams. We appreciate it. Look for new tunes this summer.

Visit Our Friends:

In our travels we've come across kindred spirits that are just as devoted to spreading the gospel of Trop Rock as we are. Visit their sites, you might find something you'll like.

Tropical Dreams:
The Original Parrot Head resource. Info on tons and bands and a simply awe inspiring entertainment calendar.

The Margarita Mafia: Musicians, Artists and Fans in Alliance. The Mafia would be the lobbying wing of the movement. Thanks to the Mafia the Trop Rock genre is now listed at CDBaby and they're working on sites like iTunes, among others. Plus the shirt you get when you join is very cool.

Meet The Phlockers: This site is very new and very cool. Imagine if you will MySpace just for Parrot Heads. There you have it... Thousands of members in less than two months and it's FREE.

Snoloha: Some very cool apparel and swag that's just as at home on the beach as it is on the slopes. Featured on MSN Money and on the fast track to become the preferred swag of slackers everywhere.

Trop-Rock.com: Another great Trop Rock resource with a great video section.

The TropiCast Radio NetworkThe TropiCast Radio Network: My little side project. Streaming online radio and podcasts bringing you some of the best new stars the Trop Rock genre has to offer. Just follow your nose to Margaritaville and make a left, you'll find us there.

And When The Band Isn't Playing:

When we can't be out with you and you still have a hankering for some great live music, check for these PD SpinOffs in the local papers.

TearDrop: Dave and Marty's side project. Blues, pop and good time rock and roll.

JimmyPirate Solo Acoustic: A guitar, a bare bulb and a pitcher of Margaritas. Coming in June 08.

That's about it for this issue. Enjoy the weather and keep in mind that we don't get that much of it up north, so take advantage of every day.
See Ya,