The Cold Winds Approacheth!

Hey All:

I know that nobody wants to think about this but Summer 2011 is officially over on Friday, the leaves will start turning and the stores will start changing their Halloween displays over to Christmas. For those who have been Pirate Dreams fans for awhile you know that we tend to go into semi-hiatus during the winter months, but it's not for lack of trying. We enjoy playing all year round, it just seems that not that many people are up for another rousing rendition of "Margaritaville" in the middle of February.  Help us keep that Palm Tree in Buffalo growing all year long. We're looking for venues, private party and house concert opportunities for the Fall and Winter months that wouldn't mind hosting a little summertime beach party this season. We're available in the full Pirate Dreams band, Jimmy and Marty duo, Jimmy solo or any configuration you can think of...
Whether it a bar gig, private Tropical Christmas Party, Winter Decompression Party, Tailgate or whatever, we're ready willing and able to bring out the palm trees and Trop Rock the night away for you. Any ideas? Send us an email to and we'll do you up right.


JimmyP and The Boys.