Good Friday, Dyngus Day and The Budweiser Bunny

Or... How to Celebrate Easter in Western New York.

Let's set the scene. On the east side of Buffalo, predominantly old polish, there is an indoor market on Broadway Ave. Called appropriately enough, The Broadway Market. Now the Broadway Market serves the neighborhood and has for many, many years. The BW is a piece of Buffalo history. Over the past few years the wife, who is of slavic descent, and I have made a point to hit the Broadway Market at least once a year around Easter time. Grab some ham, fresh horseradish, some pussywillows, etc... It's an Easter tradition for thousands of Western New Yorkers.

Having said that, across the street from the market is a little corner bar with a side patio that is going full bore at 10am, The Easter Bunny is out front playing with the kids, mom and dad are knocking back a couple first thing and we've got a bit of the old polish music come out at a bit more than a comfortable volume from the outdoor speakers on the patio. These folks are in fine form and taking full advantage of the extra day off, Good Friday.

The wife and I went into the market, became very familiar with the hundreds of people we had to squeeze between to get to the different booths we had to go by and about an hour later made our way out the door to our next stop, whatever that was.

Now I don't know if it was fate, karma, kismet or some other form of synchronicity that made this happen, but as we crossed the street, passing by the corner bar again the music was still going, and the people were still drinking, but a bit more respectably now being closer to noon. But what to my wondering ears should be coming out of the speakers but "Margaritaville". That coupled with my lovely wife telling me she would like to have a drink led me to believe in fate and we made our way into Sandy's Market Bar for a drink on this fine Good Friday morning. So not only do we enjoy a fine cold one on the patio at Sandy's but we also found out what made the Easter Bunny so frisky so earl in the morning. The Bunny decides to take a bit of a break, comes around to the back of the patio where we were and proceeds to join us for a beer... I'm looking forward to seeing if the bunny ends up on the police blotter on tuesday morning after Dyngus Day. What is Dyngus Day you ask...? Google It....