Creations Come Pirate Way

Well, it's been four long years we've been doing the Buffett Tribute and nothing but the Buffett Tribute. Now that's not saying that we don't enjoy the Buffett Tribute, but after spending all that time doing it, and all that great material, you get to a point where you'd like to contribute to that pool of songs. You can find tropical, or trop rock tunes a number of different places. Radio Margaritaville, there are a number of web stations on that specialize in tropical type music and you can find it a number of other places. Well, we've been talking about it long enough, now it's time to start tracking our creations. Sometime this summer, our first collection of material, tentatively titled "Momento" will be released. We're going to take you step by step through the recording process from preproduction right through the final mixes and mastering. Look for the GREEN HEADER at the beginning of the entry. And as always, enjoy.