Meet the New Band, Same as the Old Band. Sort of.

Figured I'd take a little time to introduce the new crew to ya. We did alot of musical chairs last season and found out that some things are better left the way they are. Back this year on the port side is Dave Rennicks on the bass guitar. Dave can't be matched for enthusiasm and his playing is right in the pocket. On the starboard side, Marty Peters is back on lead guitar and we figured we couldn't do without those bluesy, noodling jam leads. Covering the aft on drums is someone we introduced you to last season, a dear friend of mine named Bill Moore. Bill, I can honestly say has played nearly EVERY kind of music on the drums at one time or another in his storied career and he is a serious elder stateman in our hometown of Buffalo, New York.

With everyone in the band except me over 50, it's pretty weird being the baby of the group at 36, but maybe I can talk one of them into lending me their AARP card so I can get a discount on my coffee at McDonalds.

More To Come...