Parrotheads, Mountains and Vermont Moose

This past weekend the band spent our third April weekend up in Bethel, Maine for the 19th Annual Parrothead Weekend at The Sunday River Ski Resort. The Parrothead Club of Maine does it every year as a benefit for the Make-a-Wish Foundation and it just keeps getting better every year. Yours truly did a rainy set on Saturday afternoon and a slightly warmer set on Sunday in the bright Sunday sun.

It's always nice to reconnect with friends you don't see that often and again put faces to people you communicate with via e-mail over the year. Moby, Donna and the rest of the crew made us feel right at home along with the Sunday River folks, and every year we go up they feel more and more like family.

The people up in the northeast, read that Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine seem to be very proud of their moose, if the hype is any indication. You've got moose lodges, moose gift shops, moose miniature golf, moose burgers, moose everything. But up until this year I figured it was all a big scam, like the Lock Ness monster or Bigfoot. Two years up there and I ain't never seen no MOOSE. Well, all that changed on the drive home on Sunday. The picture to the left doesn't really do him justice, he caught us unawares, but the proof positive remains. Just over the bridge from New Hampshire to Vermont on Route 2 Dave snapped a picture of this fine fella. Not incredibly large by moose standards and he didn't have his antlers on, but a moose none the less. This pic was taken about 15 feet from the road. He looked like he wanted to cross, but was waiting patiently for the gawkers to slowly drive by and snap their hearts out. So I guess now you can call me a moose believer. The truth is out there. and the moose too.