STUDIO DIARY: Rhythm Tracks

Had another session last night and everything is chugging along nicely for a July release on 'Memento'. I'll let you in on a little studio secret, many artists use a click track in the studio to keep steady time. A click track is just what it sounds like, it's a click played at a steady tempo to keep everyone in line over the course of a song so that there is no speeding up or slowing down through the course of a song. When the song is done the click track is taken out and you'd never know it was there. Alot of drummers have problems playing to a click track. We decided to cut drum tracks last night for "Don't Say Goodbye" and "Tropical Breeze" without a click to see what we could get. Bill Moore is a human metronome. Normally you'd do 3 or more takes to get the tempo perfect, Bill did them both in two. One pass to get lock it down and one to capture for posterity. Swiss time piece that guy.

Anyways, we're really excited to get these tunes out to everyone and can't wait. Look for snippets on the website in the coming weeks and if everything goes according to plan, We'll have it out for your hungry ears at the Nola's show in Rochester on July 2nd.

Studio pics coming.....