STUDIO DIARY : The First Session

Had our first preproduction session this morning. For the novice, preproduction is generally where the song comes together with all the parts for the first time to iron out the kinks to make the recording process go that much more smoothly. As it stands right now, the disk will consist of seven songs:

The Fisherman / A Ballad penned by Marty many years ago.

Saturday Night in New Orleans / Another Marty creation, this one a bit more uptempo.

Cool Clean Water / Still another Marty tune. A great tune.

Don't Say Goodbye / A tune I wrote a few years ago with the old act, SuperPimp, which never saw the light of a studio. It'll be fun to get it down.

Tropical Breeze / Penned this over the winter.

Momento / The title track, an uptempo little rocker.

and an as yet unnamed instrumental.

Keep in mind these may change over the next month or two, songs may come, songs may go. As it stands right now these are the stars...